Posted by: catholicrelics | September 21, 2009

Songs inspired by St. Therese

Two songs inspired by the writings and spirituality of St. Therese, commissioned especially for the national relics tour, were sung by Boyce & Stanley this evening during Evening Prayer at the Coleshill parish.

The songs entitled, My Song of Today and Child of Grace, were written by Staffordshire-based singer and composer, Mike Stanley.

We asked him to tell us more about the songs: “Child of Grace is a contemporary reflection on the life of St. Therese. Inspired by her autobiography, The Story of a Soul, it describes her life and asks for her intercession.

“My Song of Today expresses how a child lives in the immediacy of the present moment, not paralysed by the past or fretting about the future. In St. Therese’s words, ‘Come reign within my heart today, Dear Lord, today,’ the song expresses a sentiment we can all aim for.”

To download the songs, click here:


  1. I bought the CD today..will listen to it tomorrow.

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