Posted by: catholicrelics | September 24, 2009

Fr Robert King on BBC Bristol’s Thought for the Day

Fr Robert KingFr Robert King, Clifton priest and regular contributor to BBC Bristol’s Thought for the Day, had this to say yesterday ahead of the visit of the relics to Filton, Bristol.

“Another day and you know what, I’m doing something different today. I’m going to a church in Filton for the arrival of the relics of St Thérèse. The relics being some of her bones in a special casket that are touring different churches and communities throughout the world. Now that might sound a little odd or even macabre, but it’s a long standing tradition in the Catholic Church. Why, one might well ask? Well veneration is actually common to many religions and is rooted in the very natural human instinct to treat with reverence anything connected with those we love who have died. Reaction to the tour has been mixed, but 15,000 people turned up in Portsmouth to welcome the arrival.

“This all means something to me because St Thérèse was an ordinary person who desired to love and serve God. In her life she had her struggles and died an early death from TB. Her faith made her extraordinary. And this points towards God and reminds me that it is possible to overcome difficulties.

“Life is often spoken about as a journey. Within our lives there are many detours, different directions that we take along the way. Sometimes we hear talk of a pilgrimage. That’s when we visit somewhere or someone with the aim of taking time to reflect. Well today, I’m taking my place with so many others in our city, to take a moment to think about where I’m going in my life.”

With thanks to and BBC Bristol.


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