Posted by: catholicrelics | September 25, 2009

St Therese fills England’s largest Catholic cathedral

The people just keep on coming...

The people just keep on coming...

More than 1000 people were in the cathedral at 0730 this morning to celebrate Morning Prayer, followed by Mass. Some had even travelled from Skelmersdale, a difficult journey early in the morning because of the dependence on buses which might or might not come…

The crowds have just kept growing and growing! By 10.00 the cathedral was already 2/3 full, not bad when considering that it has a seating capacity of 2,300. Many parishes are bringing coaches filled with parishioners.

‘I’ve already been to two Masses’, one lady remarked, ‘but I’m going to the third and I’ll stay for the closing ceremony also.’

Several buses filled with primary and secondary schoolchildren have added to the numbers. One little boy, probably in his first week of school, saw the reliquary and the roses and summed up the whole experience in one word: ‘Wow!’


  1. Wonderful to witness so many Catholics allowed to gather together for St Therese visits in England.

    It would be outstanding if more visits of our Church relics could be organised in England to enable open religious expression of Catholics in England who have been so neglected.

    Personally, my whole family are relieved at this freedom of expression and we can’t wait for His Holiness to come to England. God.Bless.

  2. I went with a non-Catholic friend and he has been mentioning all afternoon how he felt privileged to go. He said he is thinking of going back to church.

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