Posted by: catholicrelics | September 26, 2009

Coming to Salford

Salford's own welcoming of the relics

Salford's own welcoming of the relics

“I’m so excited!” It wasn’t a throwaway remark. The relics had just arrived in the car park at Salford Cathedral and one of the priests had just realised that the car beside which he was standing enclosed the casket.

Sixty-four priests plus Bishop Terence Brain filled the cathedral for the opening Mass. Every seat was filled, people crammed the aisles, standing and sitting on the floor for an intimate, vibrant and joyful celebration that was markedly different from those that had taken place in Liverpool. It was a beautiful testimony to the uniqueness of every one of the venues at which the relics are venerated.

Young people seemed to be everywhere. “We’ve a very strong youth community”, one person remarked. Yet, at the same time, people of every age, shape and size had come to welcome the visit.

After Mass, the queue of those waiting to venerate the relics stretched, not only around the cathedral interior, but also along the road and around the corner.

St Therese received another Northern welcome!

Bishop Brain’s homily: coming soon in mp3



  1. 64 Priests! Wow!

    • Thank God for the gift of Therese!

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