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Numbers so far…

1, originally uploaded by Catholic Church (England and Wales).

Portsmouth 4,500 pilgrims
Plymouth 2,000 +
Taunton 1,800
Birmingham 11,000
Coleshill 3,000
Cardiff 4,400
Filton 6,000
Liverpool 17,000
Salford 30,000

Ten days into the relics visit and more than 79,700 + pilgrims have flocked to the early venues to see St Therese….



  1. There was well over 3,000 at Coleshill. 1000 plus at Midday Mass on Monday plus 800 at Evening Mass on the Monday night. 600 plus Tuesday Mass plus vast numbers of visitors throughout both days outside of Mass times. Fantastic reception. Praise be to God.
    Nigel Thompson

  2. I’m sorry to say that I felt the organisation at both Salford and Liverpool was dreadful, in Salford Cathedral the noise from people talking was very disrepectful and there was little reverence to the Blessed Sacrament that was exposed with little ceremony at a side altar, I believe that in Birmingham the cathedral was in silence and very devotional can I suggest that for the rest of the visit clear guidelines are posted outside the churches: No talking; no photography.

    • Leo – I am sorry that your experience of Salford was “dreadful”. 30,000 people through a Cathedral as small as Salford in 48 hours is no mean feat. The fact that people were talking was down to themselves and not to the organisation of the trip. I strongly disagree with your assertion that there was “little reverence” and “little ceremony” for the Blessed Sacrament.

      In Salford Cathedral the Blessed Sacrament is normally reserved in a Tabernacle in the Sanctuary – where the relics were and behind where the extra seating for prayer was placed. In order to avoid people spending time concentrating on the relics and ignoring the Blessed Sacrament, the Sacred host was transferred with ceremony to another tabernacle in the Sacred heart Chapel in the transept of the Cahtedral – the former high altar. Chairs and Prie Dieus were arranged facing the tabernacle. The Blessed Sacrament was exposed reverently apart from during masses when it was reposed to be re-exposed after mass.

      There had been a plan for Solemn Vespers and Benediction for 4pm on Sunday. Due to excessive numbers this had to be abandoned in order to allow the thousands of people still waiting outside to enter the Cathedral before Mass.

      Simple Benediction was given and the Blessed Sacrament reposed reverently instead. I have never heard “O Sacrament most Holy” sung so beautifully by the hundreds of people who crammed into the small side chapel to pray. The Cathedral bells were rung during Benediction to signal to the World that the Blessing was being given.
      I know that 24 hours a day people were adoring the Lord as I was there for most of it and made sure that this was the case.

      I am interested as to why there should be no photography. Perhaps both Pope John Paul the great and and Pope Benedict are in error allowing themselves to be photographed next to the Reliquary and also giving Benediction.

      Why not thank God for the many miracles and graces received from the Lord in this time?

  3. WOW!!

  4. Thank God for the gift of St. Therese!

  5. I can’t be there but am praying the prayers from the booklet produced for her visit. It is such a great grace for the country.

  6. I visited Salford Cathedral for evening mass and returned later to visit St Therese. I found the experience a little bit overwhelming. The organisation was terrible, People at the rear of the Church were panicking during communion as no contingency was made for them and large swathes of people were pushing forward to try and get a priest to come to the back of the cathedral which eventually they did. People were still getting communion well after all of the celebrants has sat down.

    I thought the images from Liverpool looked amazing and find it so moving that in less than 24 hours 17,000 people visited Therese’s relics. Why such a short time there though?

  7. Having been to the Mass on Friday lunchtime at Liverpool Cathedral I was disappointed along with the thousands gathered there including 150 students that i brought to be told that because of the crowds no one would be allowed to venerate the relics , it would have been very easy for the two large side doors of the cathedral to be the in door and the main door as the out door and the pilgrims could have filed past on both sides, saturday afternoon in salford cathedral the main door was also the only entrance and exit , the blessed sacrament was placed at the side altar in the plainest monstrance with votive candles , if birmingham cathedral had their pilgrims in silence why couldnt salford what impression would non belivers have of the mobile phone photos very different from a portrait taken of the holy father

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