Posted by: catholicrelics | September 29, 2009

‘Time-honoured Lancaster’ welcomes a saint for our times “

“There are 2,500 people expected from Scotland today, in 27 coaches. The Sisters from the Carmel in Fife came to the vigil last night and were here by 4 o’clock this morning. The vigil last night was mainly for priests and Religious and there were 39 of them in the Cathedral at 2am. Some were there for the full night.”

“I was really impressed by the Knights of St Columbus who stayed at the Cathedral throughout the night. One of them scarcely moved all night and, at the end of it, simply said how much he had enjoyed the silence and the peace.”

“There are 40-odd coaches booked in for today, but we have no idea how many are actually coming. We’ll just have to deal with whatever comes … and have a scone when you can get one!”

Just as with previous venues, St Therese is attracting crowds to Lancaster Cathedral, where Catholicism has been strong since the days of the Romans and which boasts six martyrs within the confines of the city. ‘The County of the Saints’, as Lancashire Catholics are glad to speak of the county happily welcomed people from right across the north-west and Scotland as the relics reached the cathedral.

Bishop Patrick O’Donohue, emeritus bishop of Lancaster flew across from Ireland to join the incumbent Bishop Michael Campbell for the welcoming ceremony outside the cathedral and, later, for a concelebrated Mass. “The people from Glasgow were so thrilled to be here even though it meant they had to drive all the way back to Glasgow afterwards.”

“All the Carmelites who were at Preston came here also.”

Yet, there are also those for whom Lancashire Catholicism is quietly undemonstrative, who have ‘just turned up’ and will continue to do so during the 48 hours of the visit.

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