Posted by: catholicrelics | September 30, 2009

Source of hope for non-churchgoers

An encounter with a taxi driver this morning heightened my awareness that the visit of the Relics of St Therese is a source of hope to those outside of the Catholic Community as well as those in it.

The journey to join the Relic’s on-the-road team began early this morning and meant I had to order a taxi to get to the train station. As per norm the driver asked where I was going and I shared information about the tour with him. He explained to me that he wasn’t religious and had no Church background at all, but that his wife was Anglican. During the short journey to the station he explained that his wife was currently battling with cancer of the womb, and although the prognosis was encouraging they were poised to move into a flat because she couldn’t cope moving around their house. He then asked more about St Therese, who she was and why her relics were touring England and Wales.

Having shared more her I offered to pray for his wife in front of casket of St Thérèse, explaining that miracles had and do happen through her intercession. He didn’t protest and spoke of how every person needs to have hope, something or someone to cling on to, faith, otherwise we experience despair. He then repeated that he had no religious background. It was a privilege to have listened, all but briefly to his story, and to take his special intention with me to the Saint as a pilgrim of hope.

This encounter was insignificant on one the level – a short taxi ride to the station – but on another can be described as a powerful evangelistic encounter. It heightened my awareness of how St Thérèse comes to our countries as an evangelist, a messenger of love and hope for every single person baptised or not.  It’s a reminder too that those of us who are able to attend a venue have a duty to invite others to come with us – in person or through carrying people’s prayer intentions in our hearts. In these ‘little ways’, through ‘little’ encounters, hope and love can fill people’s hearts.

Tour Team Member

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