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Reminded of the call to holiness as two saints meet at the Minster

As we were showed round the Minster in preparation for the arrival of the Relics we paused poignantly at the tomb of St William of York for a moment of prayer. The Minster, already home to one Catholic saint, will shortly be welcoming another who lived and died some 600 years later*.

Despite the passage of time between their earthly lives they, in different ways, today serve as role models for all the faithful.

When we left St William’s tomb we came across a group of enclosed Carmelite Sisters. We greeted one another and I was struck by their joy and their fragrance of holiness. They, and the many thousands of religious in England and Wales, today signpost us, as St Therese did and does, to Jesus, to His love and the call to service. 

The Relics will arrive shortly. May we all be renewed and strenghtened in our vocation, in our calling as Christians.

St William of York and St Therese of Lisieux, pray for us.

*St William of York Biography

On the death in 1141 of the Archbishop of York, William was elected by the Chapter as the successor. The supporters of a rival candidate, Henry Murdac, Abbot of the powerful Fountain Abbey appealed unsuccessfully to the Pope to overturn the the election and William was consecrated and enthroned. William, however, failed to collect his pallium from Rome (a small woollen garment, the symbol of authority given to archbishops by the Pope).This was a great mistake as a year later his rivals appealed to the new Pope who deposed William, by then a popular bishop, and replaced him with Henry.

William went into exile quietly and lived the life of a simple benedictine in Winchester until the death of Henry in 1154 when he was restored.

On his return to Yorkshire, so many people turned out to greet him that the bridge over the River Ouse collapsed and thousands fell in the river.

The fact that no-one was hurt was accounted William’s first miracle.

William died later in the same year and many people were cured after praying at his tomb.

Biography from:

By a tour team member

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