Posted by: catholicrelics | October 1, 2009

Three generations come to give thanks

Not deterred by the seemingly endless queue waiting to enter the church, three generations of one family shared that they’d come to give thanks.

Meet (photo right) eighty two year old grandmother, Joyce Collins; forty five year old mother, Jackie Alder (photo left); ten year old grand daughter, Bridie Alder (photo middle).

Granny said: ‘St Therese is my patron saint and I prayed to her for seven years for a daughter and my prayers were answered. It’s forty five years today that I collected her from the children’s home and I’ve come to say thank you.’

Mum shared: ‘Therese is my confirmation saint and I’ve many other associations with her as well. My birth mother was from St Teresa’s in Dublin, I was christened at St Theresa’s in Newcastle as well. I’ve prayed to her all my life and she’s been a like a guardian angel to me. She’s been a life long friend.’

Grand daughter, Bridie, said: “I know the relics are here and but it’s a long queue! I have a blood clot disorder and want to get well so that’s why I’ve come. It’s really interesting.’

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