Posted by: catholicrelics | October 2, 2009

Hindu / Christian family ‘come and see’

Husband and wife, Nalin (64)  and Julia (65) Sutaria, came to the Minster last night with their daughter Melanie Dvorak (33).

Nalin is Hindu and Julia and Melanie are members of the Church of England. They share why they were drawn to go and see the Relics.

Nalin: ‘I have never been to the Minster before and thought I’d come and look. As a Hindu follow my father’s philosophy that God is omnipresent and that you worship him anywhere. So I’ve come to look and will probably offer a prayer.’

Julia: ‘She was such a young girl and she really wanted to be a nun and that really struck me. She must have been very determined and had a great love of God. I can really identify with her message of God’s love. For me there isn’t this perceived difference between Catholic and Protestant so I’ve just come to give thanks for our family.’

Melanie: ‘I heard the Relics were coming and I wanted to come and see. She’s a very interesting person and I’ve been really struck how quiet and orderly it is.’

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