Posted by: catholicrelics | October 2, 2009

Voices from the in-queue

I went to see the Pope twenty seven years ago and I would have come anyway, but she was my mum’s favourite saint. When my mum died two years ago I buried St Therese’s statue with her and so I needed to come today. I’m sure that I’ll be very emotional about it all. My mum would definitely have been here if she was alive.’
Jenny from Peterslee

‘To venerate the relics of St Therese is the reason we’ve come. We’ve read about her life and the blessings that people receive. This is a great opportunity. We have come with a special prayer request and it’s a special occasion at which Christians can gather in one purpose.’
Immanuel Sebastian from Middlesbrough, attended with this wife, three children and his parents

‘I’m a Catholic and I’m here with my mum and dad. I’ve come because I’m curious more than anything. I don’t necessarily go to Mass every week and it’s good to see the church full. I’m just curious.’
Michael from Hemlington

‘I’ve come with my mum to receive some strength and courage. We’ve travelled from Birmingham and it’s taken us five hours. I learnt about her at my convent school and her appeal to me is that she was an ordinary person. What she communicates is that anyone can do what she did.’
Ann from Birmingham

‘I’ve come to support my wife. I’m not a Catholic but my wife is. I’ve read about St Therese and saw an article about her in the newspaper. I’m open-minded. So I’m going to take it all in and might sit for a few moments in silence.’
Paul from Peterslee

‘This is a once in a lifetime experience for our family. I’ll never do it again in my lifetime and wanted to be here. I’ve come with a prayer intention and hope to receive strength.’

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