Posted by: catholicrelics | October 2, 2009

Voices from the out-queue

, originally uploaded by Catholic Church (England and Wales).

‘Just a great sense of peace.’

Liz from Ingleby Barwick

‘I feel that the time since her death is irrelevant. She has reminded me of the ongoing call to holiness and that’s not just a Catholic thing, but is universal. Eight years ago I was depressed and one day pulled out a drawer and found a picture of St Therese. I went to look on a calendar and noted it was 1st October and I really felt that she was with me and that I wasn’t by myself. It was really uplifting.’

Mr Selkirk

‘This is my first night in a new flat. St Therese was my confirmation name so it’s special for me to be here. I feel wonderful as I return as a religious sister to this area after many years away.’

Sr Mary from Thornaby

‘I’m taking home a sense of peace. It’s been so inspiring to see the number of young people here and the size of the queue. There are also older people here, some in their nineties. I hadn’t felt particularly called to come today but saw it as an opportunity to witness as a Catholic to my faith.’

Lorraine from Stockton

‘It’s been wonderful, a great buzz and I’ve seen great faith. A lot of people were here and it’s made me feel very proud to be a Catholic.’

Veronica from Thornaby


  1. More of us need the opportunity to find peace in our lives during these difficult times. I hope God’s “little flower” will visit the U.S. again, but in the meantime I pray St. Therese will teach us to be more perfect examples in living our faith.

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