Posted by: catholicrelics | October 4, 2009

2,000 people line the streets of Leeds for arrival

More than 2,000 people lined the streets of Leeds this afternoon to welcome the Relics of St Therese.

The first people to arrive came five hours before the arrival time to ensure they wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity. Notable was the number of sick and severely disabled people who were waiting.

Fr John Wilson is the Diocesan Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation and Coordinator of the visit of the Relics. He said: ‘It’s fantastic to see so many people. When it rained this morning, people simply got their umbrellas out and wouldn’t budge. I think they’ve come because St Therese offers hope for them and their loved ones.’

The organising group worked closely with the police in advance of the visit and an impressive barrier system is in place to ensure that people are led through the line as quickly and easily as possible. It is estimated that the queuing system will allow for 1500 to pass through the Cathedral doors in just over an hour so that no one will have to wait too long.


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