Posted by: catholicrelics | October 4, 2009

And they kept coming…

‘I’ve come to pray for some people who are ill and I hope they are cured. Therese does have an irresistible appeal and my faith has brought me here. I’m carrying lots of people in my heart and will come and pray and pay my respects.’
Michael Tomlinson from Huddersfield

‘She’s one of my favourite saints and I know a lot about her from when I was younger. She was a lady who in many ways was poor and was in tune with ordinary people through the teaching of her Little Way. I’ve come with a number of family intentions.’
Liz Bleak from Morley

‘I had a knee problem a few years ago from a Rugby accident and I couldn’t walk downstairs. I went to visit St Cuthbert’s tomb and I could walk properly immediately so I am aware of God’s power working through people and things and the importance of praying through intermediaries. I want to pass this on to my children who are with me today so we’ve com to see the relics of St Therese and have brought some prayer intentions with us too.’
Philip Bartey from Halifax


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