Posted by: catholicrelics | October 4, 2009

Flower lady distributes 300 roses in two hours

One of the volunteers assigned to distribute roses reports that she’s been inundated with people wanting a rose in honour of St Therese.

Sarah Rooney is one of 200 volunteers who are working in service of the pilgrims coming to St Mary’s Cathedral this weekend. She’d travelled down from Hamilton, near Glasgow, especially for the event and said:

‘St Therese is known for her teaching on the “Little Way” and pledged before she died that she would spend her heaven sending roses to people from heaven. It’s a way of expressing and showing God’s love so the roses that we’ve made available here to day have been very popular. We’ve distributed over 300 in just two hours so goodness knows how many will be requested over the weekend.’

She added: ‘Roses always come with a perfume and in other places it’s with that perfume that Therese has made her presence felt. It’s such a great privilege to be here and I hope many blessings are received for all the people in my heart and in this diocese.’


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