Posted by: catholicrelics | October 4, 2009

Taking the message of God’s love to the shoppers of Leeds

A mission team has taken to the streets of Leeds to evangelise inspired by the life and teachings of St Therese.

Around 25 people made up of teenagers, youth minsters, parents and Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal went into the main shopping centre in Briggate to hand out ‘rose invitations’ to passers-by. Each invitation was made by primary school children in the Leeds area and read: ‘God wants to bless you. You are invited to Leeds Cathedral on 3rd – 5th October 2009.’

Two members of group shared just one of their encounters which was with a history teacher who had never heard of St Therese before and asked to be told more. He said that he was amazed by what he’d heard.

Josephine Stow is the Evangelisation Coordinator for the Diocese and said: ‘I think we recognised that the visit of the Relics presented us with an evangelisation opportunity. We were also aware that many people would not walk through the doors of the church and so we had to go out to them. St Therese desired with all her heart to go to the far corners of the earth proclaiming the love of God and in response to her example and inspiration we took to the streets of Leeds. It was a wonderful experience and all the group want to do it again.’


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