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“The memory of these days will remain forever in our hearts”

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Bishop Arthur Roche led the farewell service to St Therese’s relics.  He  spoke of the privilege and  joy, blessing and great grace the relics have brought to the diocese, and he expressed his gratitude to all those who have been in any way part of organising the visit.  During this fond farewell Bishop Arthur addressed St Therese and promised her that he would lead a pilgrimage to Lisieux in the future.

The Bishop’s closing words.

“During these last few days the City of Leeds and its Cathedral has witnessed the most extraordinary outpouring of affection for St Therese of Lisieux. We believe that close to 14000 people have made their way here to venerate the relics of this great saint. It has been a matchless experience and one of sheer intensity of prayer and real devotion.

Meticulous planning and attention to detail are crucial for any event such as this and that was particularly necessary for such a huge event as the one which we have just hosted. From my own experience of mingling with the crowds and being in the Cathedral, everything went well and this was entirely due to the tireless and devoted work over a very long period of time by a dedicated team pulled from both City, County and Diocese.

In particular I would like publically to acknowledge our debt of gratitude to Leeds City Council and its many departments who have been actively involved; to the West Yorkshire Police who have been so very helpful and supportive; to the traffic managers, St John’s ambulance and the hospitality teams whom we often take for granted but who are always there, to the many volunteers without whom we could not have managed and whose good humour greatly assisted the mood, to the Knights Papal and of St Columbus, to the Cathedral dean, and clergy here and elsewhere, who have manned the boxes, to the musicians, bell ringers and servers, Cathedral staff and flower arrangers, to the parishes and schools, the diocesan agencies, so energetically and dedicatedly lead by Father John Wilson and his close collaborators, to Monsignor Keith Barltrop and his co-workers who bear the responsibility for every elememt of this special visit throughout our country, and to Monseigneur Bernard Lagout, the Rector of the Shine at Lisieux, and Soeur Marie Monique: Un Grand merci de nous pour cette moment de grâce pour l’église de Leeds et plus particulièrement pour votre présence avec nous et votre amitié évalué.

And last, but not least, for the presence of our Carmelite Sisters – the family of St Therese at Wood Hall – how special and what an inspiration your presence has been.

All of you, by working so well together, have enabled so many to draw close to the relics of St Therese, but more especially to her message which is so important for our age. God is very great and will never be outdone in generosity.

We have been abundantly blessed in these days. I am so proud of you all and so very grateful to you. The memory of these days and, I hope, the graces that have flowed from them will remain forever in our hearts.



  1. As a small child I remember seeing my father kneeling in the bedroom every day before he left for work – on the dressing table was a picture of St Therese. I once asked him who he was praying to and he said St Therese. That was 50 years ago. Now I have that picture, although now in a different frame, and it is on my display unit in the living room. My grandaughter, who is 18 months old, seems to love that picture and walks around the room kissing it and saying Theresa. I was at the cathedral on Saturday and Sunday and can well understand why she was dad’s favourite saint. Thank you Bishop Arthur, Fr John Wilson and other priests and organizers for making this visit possible. What an amazing few days it has been! St Therese pray for us.

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