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The final Mass at Walsingham was celebrated by Bishop Michael Evans.

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Bishop Michael started his homily by wondering what it is that would be different or new to what people had already heard about St Therese in the homilies that had been given so far.

So he started using a song by Abba, ‘Thank you for the Music’, with the opening line of: ‘I’m nothing special’ –

“Imagine both St Therese and Our Lady happily singing along particularly to the words ‘I’m nothing special..’

“.. He looks on his servant in her nothingness. That Mary may well have said ‘why me? I’m nothing special..’ yet God did great things in her, the wonder and marvel of the incarnation.

Therese too had no sense of being special. Therese had a great love for Mary the Mother of God, and she took from her inspiration for the way she lived.

There was nothing extraordinary about her ordinary life – so many people have flocked to see her because she is precisely that – and ordinary saint – nothing special. She shows us what we need to be holy – in the ordinary. It was there in the ordinary – the ‘nothing special’ that she lived her little way of holiness and of love, as she poured her trust in to God.

All of us are called to be God’s love at the heart of the Church and and the heart of the world. Tangible visible expressions of God’s love for one another – called to put others in touch with God and with his love in our ordinary lives.

The relics of St Therese are a visible tangible expression of her unity with us in the communion of saints. Whoever we are, priests, lay people, bishops, religious, the ultimate vocation is the call to love in our ordinary, nothing special, day by day lives.

Going back to the Abba song she goes on to give thanks for the music – Mary sang her great song of the wonder of God’s love and God’s love at work in her – a love which turns the world upside down.

St Therese began the great story of her life with the words “I’m going to do only one thing – to sing of the mercies of the Lord”

Her whole life was a song of love for God – all of us are called to sing the same song, the song of God’s joyful, healing love for the world in which we live.

We sing in our hearts and our lives with Mary’s great love for God and love for the world – “I am the handmaid of the Lord be it done to me according to your will”.

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