Posted by: catholicrelics | October 11, 2009

24 venues, over 185,000 pilgrims

Portsmouth 4,500
Plymouth 3,000
Taunton 1,800
Birmingham 11,000
Coleshill 3,000
Cardiff 4,400
Filton 6,000
Liverpool 17,000
Salford 30,000
Manchester University Catholic Chaplaincy 2,000
Preston Carmel 2,000
Lancaster 8,000
Newcastle 5,000
Darlington Carmel
York Minster 10,000
Middlesbrough 15,000
Leeds 14,000
Kirk Edge Carmel (Sheffield) 3,000
Nottingham 8,000
Walsingham 5,000
Oxford 6,200
Gerrards Cross 2,000
Aylesford 17,000
Kensington Carmelite Church 10,000

187,900 pilgrims


  1. We attended the mass at 11.30am on Saturday 10th October which was so emotional and spent the day at Aylesford and could feel the saintly presence and love of St Therese all around the area and we were able to venerate the relics in under an hour. Thank you to all that was invoved in the organisation, it was well organised and the atmosphere through all the prayers were very touching. Thank you St Therese and pray for us and our dear families and friends.

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